Physical signs of attraction

8 physical signs to identify that a woman has interest in you

Everybody wants love, and it is the purest thing that bound this world together. Love is the sweetest thing that can make everyone’s life colorful and lovely. We can have love in every relationship like a mother’s love, sibling love, and family love. But, love with your partner is that feeling which completes your life in a real way. This love has both feelings emotional as well as physical, which creates love hormone in your body. If a boy is in love with some girl, we call it one-sided love or crush over someone. And if both partners are in love with each other, it becomes real love, and they make a couple.

Love seems simple, but it is the most complicated thing in the universe. We may be in love with someone or have a crush over someone. But, if she has no interest in us or she falls in love with someone else that thing breaks our heart apart into pieces. Sometimes a person may go into depression, or the world may seem meaningless to him. So, firstly, it is essential to identify whether she is actually in love with him. We should recognize this in the initial stage of love to avoid any confusion or complications. Love makes the world so beautiful, so charming that you want to enjoy every possible crazy thing with your partner. It may include dancing in the rain, enjoying boring lecturers, or even relishing horror movies, etc.

Signs to identify that you are in love πŸ™‚

Always think about the girl: It is natural that if you feel special for someone, then it is tough to keep away her thoughts from you. You keep remembering about your special one and want to live with her always.

1) You start caring for your girl:

If you feel an attraction towards a girl, then you start caring for her about everything. You become possessive about her and want to follow her each movement. Things that start mattering a lot are like where she is going, whom she is going with, or if it is a safe place for her.

2) Your mood also goes off with your girl’s feelings:

If your beloved is not in a good mood, then you try to make your girl smile in every possible way. And if her feelings don’t change, you also feel bad, and your mood goes off. It is a connection that connects lovers and links one heart to another.

3) You start noticing dresses and other things:

If you feel love for her, then you start seeing everything about her like her dress, color of the clothing, accessories that suit her most. Also, you start appreciating her dressing sense and start complimenting her.

4) Hard to pass the time when your girl is not around:

If you are not able to call your love, then every day you wait for her. You always look for your loved one at the same place you expect her to be. And, if she doesn’t come, then you also want to run away from that place. Suddenly, that place starts to feel like hell, and you cannot stay there at any cost. You want to go to the girl and find out the reason for her absence.

5) Discuss everything:

You want to share all your sorrows, joys and all the things which happened to you with your love. Moreover, you also want to know everything about her life, and discussing it makes you feel an essential part of her life. You feel bad if she doesn’t share her necessary stuff with you. Love is magical, just like stars.

Signs that she shows that prove her attraction towards you

Mostly, a girl hesitates to express her love for a boy and expects the boy to propose her. Girls are usually not able to show their feelings because they are afraid of being rejected. So, boys have to take the initiative to propose the girl and roll out his feelings towards her. According to a survey, 70 out of 100 girls hide their emotions throughout their lives. A girl is afraid that if the boy says no to her feelings, then she cannot bear this pain. Because of the fear of rejection, girls always lock their feelings in the box of her heart. However, some points easily display a woman’s interest in you:

1) Frequent eye contacts- You can see it in her eyes

When a woman has a physical attraction towards you, it is natural that she will have numerous eye contact with you. You can quickly identify from her eyes that she is interested in you. The pink eyes of a woman tell a lot about her love for a man.

2) The more the blush, the better it is – A blush is an indicator of her love for you.

When a woman has an attraction towards a man, she is sensitive to every word spoken about that person. When her man is around, she starts to blush very frequently. Blushing is a natural way in which one can quickly identify a woman’s attraction towards a man.

3) You have got someone to laugh at your jokes – she loves to hear your jokes.

Not everyone likes the sense of humor of the other person. If a woman pays special attention to your sense of humor and enjoys your jokes, it means that she enjoys your company a lot. It is also an indicator that you bring happiness to her, and this may make her feel attracted to you.

4) Smiles on her face to make your day – Does she pass you that million-dollar smile?

A woman does not usually pass smiles to strangers. She typically displays her smiles to the ones she is comfortable with and loves to hang around with him. I am not talking about fake smiles; I am talking about genuine smiles that come from within her heart. Each woman has multiple styles, and if you know her well, you can easily differentiate between her laughs. If her face glows with a smile as soon as she sees you, and the smile starts turning into a blush when you approach her, it is a good enough sign for you. It means that the woman feels attraction towards you and the smile that she is wearing is a way to tell her feelings to you.

5) When she cares about your health – you have got someone better than a doctor

How a woman reacts to a sudden illness you catch can also be a good indicator to identify her attraction towards you. If she is coming forward every time to care for you selflessly, she may be in love with you. The difference between caring for all and caring for a special one is easily identifiable by the approach a woman displays. So, ensure that you do not make conclusions just by a woman’s care for you. You need to look out for other indicators as well to understand her attraction towards you.

6) Does she touch you a lot while talking- It may be a sign?

When a woman touches you a lot while talking, and if she brushes her arms with yours, then these may all be signs of her attraction towards you. A woman won’t touch you too often unless she has some feelings for you. So, this is a good indicator to identify if a woman has an attraction towards you.

7) Feet have their own story; you just need to read them

If a woman touches her feet with yours quite often, it is a clear sign that she is interested in you. It is a way to flirt, and women use this quite often to flirt with the men they like.

8) Watch her breathing pattern; you might be stealing her breath away

If a woman is interested in you, her breathing pattern will change when you are around. She will be breathing quickly, and a sense of restlessness will display on her face. What it means is that she is so excited when you are around that she even struggles to control her breath.

In Conclusion

A woman’s heart is like a deep ocean, and her feelings are like waves. When your heart surfs in that ocean, the waves know if they want you to keep surfing or want to throw you off to the shore. You need to understand the waves better to see if you are meant to surf the ocean. A woman very rarely speaks her heart out, but she gives plenty of signs for you to know what she feels. While looking for the signs, you need to ensure that you provide enough time for her and do not draw conclusions too soon. A woman’s heart pours a lot of love for the man of her life. You need to understand her better and respect her love to make the attraction work.

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