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7 health benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water before bed

Health, nowadays, is at the top of the priority list of many individuals. We understand the importance of good health and are aware of the ill impacts that bad health brings along. But, one more fact is that we are all too busy with our work and daily life tasks, and often it becomes difficult to incorporate healthy food habits into our lifestyle. Due to this, we keep looking for some quick tips and easy to do home remedies which can help us in maintaining good health. Water is one drink that has found its usage in several home remedies. Our body needs food, oxygen, and water to survive and hence water plays an important role to keep us healthy. Lemon water is a drink that finds its usage in almost all the homes across the world. Several people are interested in knowing the benefits that it brings along, and are eager to know how to use this easy-to-make drink to reap the maximum benefits.

What does a glass of lemon water have for your health?

What does it take to pour a glass of good health in your body? The answer is Lemons and Water, I say. Our body largely consists of water and this water keeps on getting out of our body in different forms. Whether it is sweat, urine or other ways of disposing-off water from our body, we are constantly losing this precious liquid daily. It becomes, all the way important to restore this water in our body, or else we will start facing a condition called dehydration. This is the reason experts ask us to drink a lot of water daily so that we can re-energize our body and hydrate our body parts. Lemon is rich in several vitamins and minerals and has a great presence of vitamin C in it, which is extremely important for our body. Vitamin C helps in repairing our skin tissues, improves the immune system, helps in healing the wounds, and gives strength to our body. When we drink lemon water, we reap the benefits of both water and lemon in one single drink. The health benefits are many and we are going to look into some of the important benefits now.

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The benefits you earn when drinking lemon water before bed

Now that we know the importance of lemon water for our health, let us have a look into what benefits it brings along when we drink it at night before going to bed.

  1. The detox agent is here – detox yourself!

Our body has so many toxins that are not useful to it at all. The lemons can act as a detox agent for our bodies. Drinking a glass of lemon water removes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps us safe from impurities. There are many diet plans that include lemons and that avail the detox benefits that lemons provide.

  1. With lemons, feeling sleep deprived is a thing of the past

All the benefits that we have talked about are fine, but why do we need to drink it at night? Well, every recommendation has reasons behind it and there is an explanation for this as well. A warm lemon drink can heal your body and boost your immune system. When we drink it at night, it helps us feel better by healing us of the daily exhaustion levels. It settles our hormones and balances our body’s minerals and vitamins, which make us feel better.

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  1. Calories can’t bother you more – keep your glass of lemon ready

Energy is good for your body, but what do you do about the excess energy your body intakes daily? Well, the maximum energy that our body needs in a day is approximately 2000 calories. But, the food we eat, are many times rich in calories and provide us much more calories than we need. If we are looking to maintain our cut down our weight, we need to cut down on calories as well. However, to reduce the excess calories from your body, you should also opt for a warm lemon drink before going to bed. This helps your body in burning the extra calories and thus resulting in a fitter you.

  1. Be friends with your stomach – let it live a life of sigh!

We eat, then we eat, and then we eat again, and then we end up eating more. Yes, this is what our stomach has to say when we query it, what’s up? When we eat we should remember that our stomach needs to digest it as well. However, there are times when a mouth-watering dish makes its way to our stomach in abundance. This upsets the stomach that has its ways to let us know about its mood. Lemons are friends to the stomach as they help them to live a life of sigh. A lemon drink helps in proper digestion, especially when we drink it at night. Moreover, it is said that eating or drinking anything late in the night is not good but lemon water is one thing which is an exception to this theory. You can drink a glass full of warm water mixed with lemon just before going to bed and can have good health.

  1. Immunity is what I have got for you- says your lemonade!

If lemonades could speak, they would have screamed their benefits aloud. A glass filled with lemon water is a boon to your immune system. Lemons have vitamin C which provides the strength to your body to fight so many bacteria. Our body is house to a lot of good and bad bacteria and it just needs the good ones. But the bad bacteria keep on fighting with our immune system and try to break our immunity. When we drink a glass filled with lemon water daily, we are giving more strength to our immune system to fight the bad bacteria. This, again, is a very good advantage of a glass of lemon water, mostly warm.

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  1. Where has the water gone – is it time to re-hydrate?

So, you open up your eyes in the morning, head to your work and then return exhausted. The primary reason for this exhaustion besides stress is the lack of drinking water. Your work, the sun, the environment, and your body’s activities are consuming the water from your body. If you do not re-hydrate yourself multiple times a day, your body will start feeling the pain of water, called exhaustion. So, experts suggest we drink water at regular intervals and include lemon water multiple times in your schedule. A glass of lemon water will re-hydrate your body almost instantly and you will be back with a wave of freshness.

  1. When the mood is right, it is all alright – Improve that mood!

What is the relation between lemon water and your mood, you may ask? Well, the relation is intense and I will explain that to you. Experts say that lemons are rich in negatively charged ions which help in increasing our energy levels. Moreover, a fresh glass of lime water helps in oxygenating our body and giving it a fresh feeling. These two factors positively impact our mood and tinkle our happy feelings and we start to feel good. So, treat a glass of lemon water as your friend in the times of low mood and it will show its wonders to you.

The easiest way to make your lemon drink – the Recipe

So, how should you prepare your lemon drink and how tough it is to prepare it? Trust me; preparing lemon water and consuming it is very easy and it takes four simple steps.

  • Wash the lemon thoroughly to wipe off any pesticides on its outer layer.
  • Cut it into two halves and squeeze one half in a glass filled with water.
  • Keep the temperature of the drink as you like however, the warmer it is the more efficient it is.
  • Consume it and enjoy the taste and benefits that it brings along and stay healthy.

When everything is good, there is always a catch!

Yes, you heard it right, there got to be at least one disadvantage to this otherwise awesome drink. And that disadvantage award goes to its acidic nature. The acids that lemons contain may have an impact on your teeth or stomach. So, the advice is to rinse off the remains from your mouth after consuming it. As a best practice, you can end your day by brushing your teeth and hence removing any possibilities of a side-effect.


With everything already said about the capabilities that a glass of lemon water has, you must immediately start drinking this awesome drink daily. A glass filled with lemon before bed can fill your body with energy. It can act as a daily energy booster which can make you feel energetic and happier the next morning.

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