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Many of us love body building like arms, ABS and legs etc. But, now, let’s discuss how masturbation related to our muscle groups. You might read many articles saying about muscles gets gained or reduced when you masturbate. That’s all non-sense. Nothing proves that type of facts. But , it makes little bit exhausted.

Firstly, It doesn’t effect our muscles. But there are some other advantages and disadvantages.  I won’t say it’s a bad practice but, it’s uncontrollable. So, better to control it. Here ,I am going to say you few tips to control yourself.

How To Control Masturbating Urge Yourself | Self-Control Tips.

You can stop being horny after following all these tips.

1) Always try to schedule your daily works and all.

Completing all your works will give you great discipline. You won’t get time to be lazy. Most of the time , laziness makes you feels horny freak. So, this is a good idea to control yourself from that practice.

2)Sleep Early And Wake Early.

Late nights are most probably times to get horny. So, that’s why better to sleep early before even 10 pm. If you believe it or not I won’t do that myself . Sometimes, I will be automatically dreaming wet. That’s really makes you irritating in the morning. But, it’s really simple to control if you follow all these. Waking up early is hard ,but get up , that’s really good habit. It slowly kicks your lethargic feeling out of you.

3) Workout Daily ( Even Cardio).

Working out daily makes you exhausted and makes you very active all the day. Very active means, no laziness that’s means , you hardly feel horny. The excretion of sweat at the morning makes you fit all the day.

4) Wear Gloves.

Wear the gloves all the day and try not remove them except while eating. If you feel horny , you will feel uneasy with the gloves. So, that makes you control.

5) Don’t Wear Loose Underwear.

Loose underwear are more probable to make you thing erect. So, they are not preferable. Always , maintain enough tight underwear. Wear them properly.

6) Reduce watching movies and listen to songs.

Movies also being a major reason for development of these type of feelings in you. Some models may look attractive , mesmerize you. Along with that, reducing the usage of mobile social media is also a good idea. Even a small scene can change you , turn you on. Listening to your songs can give the relieving feeling from all the stress and those lyrics will make you pay attention you may sing with the song. That deviates you from horniness. But, playing songs while you are horny is a hard thing.

7) Switch On Google Safe Search To Strict.

To know how to  switch on this safe search, refer our article in the below link:

Keeping safe search on will expel those adult images and ads out from your search results. So, you won’t see any of them accidentally even. Keep it on always.

So, hope these tips will work with you to control your horniness. If you have any queries , please comment below.

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