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4 Simple yoga techniques to reduce body heat and to stay fit - NewsDozens
how to reduce body heat by yoga

4 Simple yoga techniques to reduce body heat and to stay fit

To Know About How To Reduce Body Heat By Yoga

Body heat is a type of stress which can occur due to many reasons like climate-change or high temperature, dehydration. Our body can tolerate a maximum 36-38 degree Celsius temperature if the temperature is more than that then heatstroke problems may occur. There are some remedies by which you can save yourself like drinking plenty of water(Notably we need water daily to drink recommend eight 8-ounce glasses), juices, shakes, eating food which can keep you hydrated. You also can follow some precautions which can save you from heat like wear a large-cap on the head and wear summer-friendly and lose clothes.

If you are at normal temperature and still you are not feeling comfortable or your body temperature is not coming down then it is the sign of heat stress. Due to body heat indigestion, improper sleep, stomach ache can occur. So, if your body is not responding positively to home remedies then you should consult with the doctor immediately.

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Some tips for avoiding body temperature

Buttermilk as a body heat reducing agent

According to Hindu mythology, buttermilk works like magic in controlling body heat. You should drink buttermilk in the breakfast, it will increase your metabolism and helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body and body heat also decreases. You can add some flavor in buttermilk like mint leaves or a pinch of salt. To more about to know some health benefits of buttermilk that can help to reduce your overall body weight then must readout that linked article.

Mint is good for controlling body heat

Mint is a good source in cooling down body temperature because mint leaves have menthol. Menthol gives the body freshness and energy along with regulating body temperature. And we can mint tea or we can add mint leaves in any type of drink which we like to drink.

Coconut water is a very good source of freshness

Coconut water is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, so it stabilizes body temperature and good for health. In fact, Coconut water is good in taste, so we should drink it daily whether in summers or winters. So, a good taste and several health benefits are sufficient for us to include coconut water in our daily diet plan.

Coldwater or pitcher water

If we are suffering from heat and feeling too much thirsty then we should drink cold water, it will immediately cool down body heat. In India, pitchers are available made of soil, they are very good for health too as soil keeps the water on normal temperature and prevents the heat too.

Pomegranate and sweet lemon juice

Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and has several health benefits. Moreover, Pomegranate increases blood in the body and regulates body temperature. Sweet lemon juice is full of vitamin C and is also helpful in controlling the body heat. And both juices are tasty, so we can have them daily.

Yoga asanas for controlling body heat

We can control body heat with food, drink, medicines and there are few yoga asanas by which you can reduce your body heat. There are five yoga exercises  by which you can control and reduce your body heat, they are as follows:

1) Conch hand gesture (Shankh Mudra asana)

This asana helps in reducing fire elements from the body, make your body relieved and increases the air element in the body.

How to do it: fold your hands in the form of the conch, hold your right hand, fold four fingers around the left-hand thumb, keep your hands in parallel of the chest and then join the right-hand thumb and left hand four fingers together. It will cool down your body heat, control fever and even reduces stress level. By practicing it daily, you will start seeing the effects.

2) Life-force hand gesture (prana mudra)

This asana will calm your mind, give you peace, relieve joint pain and will control body heat.

How to do it:

Use both of your hands, and touch the ring finger and index finger with the help of thumb, do it with both hands. Take 2 fingers in the standing position and then touch the other two fingers, namely, ring and index finger with the tip of the thumb. And you can hold this as much as you can, start this yoga with 3 times then slowly increases it. This is good for the skin and will surely help with body heat too.

3) Downward flowing energy with hand (Apaan Mudra)

This mudra helps in proper blood circulation in the body, cures constipation and fights with body heat and dehydration.

How to do it:

take the middle finger and ring finger of both hands; now touch them with the tip of your thumb. Two fingers index and first finger will be in standing position. Do this yoga with both of your hands; hold this position as long as you and you will see the effects by practicing it daily. It will relieve you and you feel fresh, energetic with improved mood.

4) Water hand gesture (Jal mudra):

Jal is the Sanskrit name of water; this asana increases the water level inside your body and reduces the heat. This will also help if suffering from dry mouth and cramps.

How to do it:

take the index finger of both hands then touch it with the tip of the thumb, rest three fingers will remain open. Do this with both of your hands like you are doing in meditation, you can hold this as long as you can. You will start seeing the results soon by doing this regularly. Jal mudra helps in restoring and maintaining the water in the body and keeps the body hydrated.


We should prevent ourselves from too much heating, if the outside temperature will be more than from our body temperature and stays the same till hours then all the water from the body will end and we can get heatstroke and it can cause death. We should not wear skin-hugging clothes because it won’t allow our skin to breathe, try to avoid go out in the sun from 12 to 4 as UV rays are on its peak and if it is necessary to go then we should take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water and other drinks. If we will take precautions then it will be easy to fight with body heat and we will stay healthy.

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