28 Long-distance relationship messages to write to your partner

28 Long-Distance Relationship Messages That Will Actually Make Your Life Better- Isn’t it?

Whenever I talk about love, I heard thousands of bells ringing in my heart. It has been five years of our relationship, but still, I can feel the same excitement, the same curiosity to know about her day and the same joy of meeting on weekends. Love is a very cute emotion; there is so many butterflies turnaround on my mind when I am talking about her. We were in the same office, and then I met with her for the first time. After working for almost two years with her, then she got promoted and settled somewhere else. Since then we are in a long-distance relationship and we almost met on weekends.

There are so many discussions about the long-distance relationship that far from the eyes, far from the heart. But in our case, it is just opposite of it, far from the eyes but close to the heart. What is the reason that when people are far away then mostly they find someone else? The reason behind this is they find someone else because they want physical love only with their partner. Yeah, ofcourse One main thing to maintain and continue a life long-distance relationship is loyalty. If you or your partner are not loyal to each other then you cannot be in any type of relationship whether of long-distance or small distance. Love is a wonderful feeling one can have in this world. Love gives you emotions, the reason for living, reason for returning home. There are some love messages that I am sharing with you. Hope you will like them.

Love messages – When apart, love brings us together

  1. Distances bring us together; distances give us the chance to miss each other. The distances make us feel the fragrance of her body despite being miles away.

  2. I will always cherish you, your thoughts, your emotions, and will respect you with all my heart. This long-distance relationship taught me that not only physical love but also love from far away is also charming.

  3. Sometimes, a question comes in my mind, what is love? And then you come like a long-lasting fragrance in life and knocks at the door of my heart and immediately my heart was yours.

  4. Someone says, if you believe in God, there is love. If you believe in Air, there is love. If you believe in faith, there is love but I say if you believe in your partner, only then there is love.

  5. Love does not mean being physical, love is far away from your limited imagination. Love is to cherish your partner with respect, with dignity and moreover cherish her by believing in her.

  6. What is a long-distance relationship­- to wait for someone so desperately, wait for someone without blinking your eyes just to see her once? Love is a feeling that creates a shiver in your body when you hug her.

  7. In this long-distance relationship, we met almost twice a month, when you go far from me from that day I start counting the day of our next meeting.


Love messages – When love matters more than the distance


  1. I met you thousands of times in these years of our relationship, but even today my heart skips a beat when I see you.

  2. I feel so relaxed when you play with my hair when you remove my spectacles when I forget to remove. When you make the morning tea for me. Whenever my morning starts by seeing you.

  3. When I come home from work and open the house door, I always miss you. When I am sitting on the dining table alone, thinking about to you, I miss you. Whenever I go to bed alone, I miss you at my bedside. But I am trying to pass my every day that one day you will come to me for forever.

  4. In long-distance relationship we value each other; we try to understand each other’s points. When we were together we start arguing on silly topics and don’t talk for so many days. Those were the foolish days, but I miss those days because those were the days you were with me.

  5. Sometimes I feel our long-distance relationship is as pure as Radha Krishna’s love because we are also tangled with the single string of love, emotions, care, and loyalty.

  6. Everybody cannot understand the long-distance relationship because they consider it foolishness, these people know only physical lust and there is no comparison between love and lust.

  7. The day I fell in love with you, it seems like everything is so colorful, so beautiful, and so lovely. Is it your magic or I just start seeing the world with my open heart?

Love Messages – When living without your partner is impossible

  1. Your love is like the sweet fragrance in the air, I am feeling right now like I don’t need oxygen anymore to live, I can live in your fragrance full of love.

  2. I love when you cannot use mirror anywhere to set your makeup and you look into my eyes and try to set your lipstick and I always set it by licking it with my lips.

  3. I avoid video calling with you, whenever I saw you and could not able to hug you, that helplessness broke my heart and the whole night I hug my pillow and wet my pillow with my tears.

  4. Whenever I video calling you, whenever I saw you on my screen, I want to hug you, whenever I saw your glossy lips, I want to taste them, whenever I saw your pinkie cheeks, I want to eat them.

  5. I cannot tell you the condition of my heart when I desperately want to meet you but felt helpless. Then I curse this long-distance relationship.

  6. I always feel that my love is so pure for you whenever I need you so badly, you always there for me. What else proof you need of my love; I love you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Love comprises of four letters which mean L-long-lasting, O- quite original, V- very valuable and E-full of emotions.

Love Messages – When Love defines you with completeness

  1. Love is a complete set of romance, respect, affection, care, friendship. We should care for our loved ones; if we lose them once then it is impossible to find another just like her.

  2. I love to the moon and back even if when we grow old. In your old age, you look prettier with your fine wrinkles on cheeks, when your hair grows old, and love you when even you can stand properly.

  3. Your love is like a coffee for me. Coffee is strong but one can get addicted to this likewise, your love works for me. Your love is strong and I am addicted to this and cannot live without it.

  4. Sometimes it feels like I am watching a dream, a beautiful dream in which we are living together in a house by the lakeside. I am growing vegetables for us and you are making dinner for us. I just want to live in that dream.

  5. The long-distance relationship does not mean, to get far away and forget each other. It is allowing you to test your love for your partner. Long-distance only taking our body far but our souls are always interconnected.

  6. Sometimes there is a question that comes in my mind about what qualities you would have seen in me because as a person I am very common. What are those qualities which bring you near me? But then I remember your qualities, one should be special and in our case you are divine.

  7. Love is as pure as gold, as much as you burn it in the fire of sacrifice, it would turn into its purest form.


Love can change your personality completely and it is a sweet truth. When you are in love and you see the past you then you will find that there is a completely different person who is a better human being, a good friend and a perfect partner. When you are love, we should avoid comparing our partner with another person. Every person has its characteristics, own and unique specialties so accept the person with your open heart just like the way he is because these are the qualities that take away your heart.

If you are true in love, you start liking those things also which you hate completely because your partner likes them. And it should be like that we should also give preferences of one’s choice that make the couple we instead two separate bodies. There is an old saying in love I didn’t lose myself but I turn into a fine human being. Love does not teach us to forget you completely but it shows us path on which we should move and guide others to move in the right direction. So, friends enjoy your time, set the new and the right examples for others and yourself. With your beautiful partner, everything is going to be very easy and beautiful. Life is always beautiful because it is the creation of God.

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  1. distances can sometimes do magic in our relations. In many cases, they have even proved beneficial and helped people to come closer than before. thanks for sharing the collection of lovely long distance messages for partner.


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