how to control anxiety and depression

10 easy ways to keep anxiety and depression under control

Do you feel sad, demotivated, stressed, feared, and hopeless or do not like the good things you liked before? Life doesn’t seem exciting at all and the rainbows of life seem to be color-less to you? If you are answering yes to these questions you are probably caught in the bottle of depression or are headed towards it. But how can you ascertain whether you are in a state of depression or are struggling with anxiety? And if you are struggling then how can you have control over anxiety and depression? There are many questions which demand answers and we are here to help you get those answers.

Depression and anxiety – are they the same?

Depression and anxiety are many times considered as two different names of the same thing. However, this is not the case and depression and anxiety can be easily distinguished from each other.  When you are not feeling fit to the world and don’t consider it a happier place anymore, you are probably heading towards depression.

A depressed person remains sad most of the time, does not tend to participate in any happy occasion and easily gets de-motivated. People in depression can sometimes be dangerous to their own lives and to others as well. Anxiety, on the other hand, is more related to feeling anxious, fearing about something,

getting panic attacks, and feeling uneasiness the majority of the time. We face many situations in life when we are about to do something important or take up something unusual. It is normal to feel anxious or feared at these times. This is not what we call anxiety, but anxiety is having such feelings continuously in our day to day life. Once we understand this difference, it becomes easier to look in the mirror and tell yourself, what you need to remain happy.

Different ways to control depression and anxiety issues

However, sometimes that might not be enough and you may need to look into different ways to control anxiety and depression. So, let us have a look at these ways-

  1. Getting counseled by a professional counselor – A professional can help

Yes, a professional can help you through this phase in your life when you are feeling down and alone. It is important to meet a professional if you have even a slight feeling about having depression symptoms. A professional counselor will work with you on managing your stress, will tell you how you can ease out during a panic attack and will advise you some relaxation techniques to manage your symptoms. Professionals will help you through one of the following ways –

  • They will teach you easy ways to communicate with other people when you feel depressed are having anxiety issues. In a way, they will try to hone your interpersonal skills which can help you manage your interaction with others better and as a result feel better.
  • They will follow cognitive behavioral therapy to help you have better control over your thoughts and actions.
  1. Get proper medication – but don’t be in a hurry

Sometimes therapy alone is not enough when you are a bit deeper into the depression stages. In such scenarios, you should seek medical advice but do remember that these medicines may have side-effects on your health. So, be sure you consult a couple of doctors before you resort to this form of treatment.  You need to tell your doctor about the exact symptoms that you face and then he can advise you an anti-depressant accordingly. While you take these medicines, please ensure that you follow other healthier ways to control your situation.

  1. A healthy diet brings in a depression free life

Diet has a direct impact on our body and affects our mind as well in the same way. We need to include a healthy diet in our diet plan in order to stay physically fit and mentally healthy. A person in depression is more prone to like comfort food which may not be healthy and may lead to further enhancement of depression. Fruits and vegetables look best on a food plate and serve an important role in keeping you healthy and depression free. Good food leads to a better mood as well and keeps you energized for the rest of the day.

  1. Relax your body – Yoga is the key

Yoga has several health benefits and it has been there long enough showcasing its wonderful effects to mankind. Perform yoga daily for 30 minutes and you will see the difference in your attitude towards life. There are several yoga techniques available at your disposal which you can easily incorporate in your daily life. Start your day with Surya Namaskar and you will feel energized throughout your day. Yoga does not just mean doing physical exercise, but it focuses on breathing techniques as well. Physical exercises keep your body strong and fit while breathing techniques make your mind calm and focussed.

  1. Meditation helps – make it a habit and follow religiously

Meditation is another proven way of controlling one’s mind and understanding it better. People who meditate daily live a healthier life than those who don’t meditate. Meditation may need as less as 2 minutes and hence it is a powerful tool for your body’s strength. When you meditate you just focus on the present; you focus on your breathing. This helps you in getting over your past and makes you not think about the future. A person living in the present remains the happiest person forever. This is easier said than done, as it takes a lot of focus to be able to be thoughtless for even a small amount of time. You should meditate to free your mind of all the depressing thoughts and as a result, you will see your anxiety levels hitting a new low every day.

  1. Exercises make you happy – do them for your own betterment

Walking is the simplest form of exercise and it alone can do wonders for your health. When you walk in the fresh air, positive hormones form in your body and you start feeling fresh. A 30-minute walk daily can make a depressed person feel happier again in the long run. When you do other exercises, not only your body gets fitter but your mind also starts creating good hormones at the same time. It is rightly said that a healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind and depression does not get a place in a healthy mind. So, exercise daily to make your body and mind capable of fighting any kind of physical or mental problem.

  1. Family matters and so do friends – reach out to them

We live in a time when families are more remote than ever and this has been one of the main reasons why people get into depression. There was never a substitute for social life in ancient times and will never be a substitute in the future. Being social is the essence of human life and those who understand this are never affected by depression. So, if you are not social, it is the right time to go to your friends and family and start mingling with them. You will see an immense amount of improvement in your mental health and will be able to overcome any form of depression.

  1. Live your life – motivate yourself

You have got one life and you need to live it and not just pass it. There is nothing at the end of life, all you have got is the present and you need to be happy at this moment. There can be several reasons for a person to get into depression and no person can get into depression without knowing about it. Yes, it is the person impacted who knows it first about his or her condition. They may choose to neglect but they know that they are suffering and hence they are the ones who can easily come out of their situation with self-motivation. Self-motivation is the best medicine in any form of mental problems and it does wonder in case of anxiety and depression. Find yourself sources of motivation and keep yourself motivated to live a happy life.

  1. Enjoy yourself – bring out those hobbies

Hobbies never die and you should also not let them sleep for long. Bring them out of the closet and start enjoying them one after the other to live a fulfilling life. Nothing else will satisfy your soul more than regularly doing the stuff that you love.

  1. Reading good stuff helps in improving your mindset

Read your favorite book or pick up a motivational novel that can help you structure your thoughts well. A reading habit is an awesome habit to have as it brings in different dimensions to your thought process and enlarges your mind’s thinking arena.

Whichever way you choose out of the above ten, please ensure to follow it consistently for the best results and never ever hesitate to seek professional help.

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